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Treasure Hunts Rebel Corporate Event Mangement

Treasure Hunt

A traditional treasure hunt written especially for the occasion in which teams will have to use sound, pictures, maths, history and words to crack the clues. any sizeable town on foot, teams will have to work together and complete the clues within the time.

"The clues are in place and the questions set
It's a matter now of how many you get
The clock is ticking and the quest begun
Now go out there and have some fun
The DPEF is there to solve, be found
Do it quickly, you're duty bound"

We will give each team a pack of clues and tools to help you on your way. Then it's back to the hotel or bar for the final code breaker and a roundup of the scores and prize giving.

A full or half day event, Our Treasure Hunts can be done anywhere in the country by groups of any size.

"Non Stop Fun From Beginning To End"
Yvonne Murphy, Musgrave